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The idea for the MAYBE GOOD STORE  arose from the desire to create something haptic in addition to the digital work and to produce our own product. From the idea to the end product, this presented us with completely new challenges. We experimented with materials, colors and shapes and learned a lot in the beginning, but we also learned a lot. Anyone who thinks that laser cutting is a simple and clean affair is far from it. Here there are definitely dirty hands and one or the other sore muscles. The operation of the machine is also not without. This requires a sure instinct, lots of know-how and good nerves. Mirrors that misalign, too much soot development, clouds of smoke that move to the neighbors, overheated material, crooked edges, improvements in the digital design, .... We spent many a night in our workshop. The beginnings did not go past us without cursing and the occasional tear.


Today it's a little quieter and more relaxed in our workshop. The routines are in place and problems are solved faster and more confidently. And so there is time for very individual designs and customer requests. A well-rehearsed team that works hand in hand, that is MAYBE GOOD.

Our first two products from this idea are

WORD GAMES - the coolest way to say it with words and the LUCKY OFF collection.  


Look around and discover.


Hard as coal

Soft as felt

roter Vogel

The coolest kind

to say it with words

"Artistic creation requires dedication and passion.
This fills the mind with joy. Again and again.
Lasting and timeless."
Kontakt Shop

Individual orders

Of course, we also design and manufacture individual ones  Lettering according to customer requirements in desired colors.

Use the CONTACT FORM below for initial contact with your wishes. We will then contact you immediately.

Here are a few of our individually designed letterings:

Whether for

  • wedding

  • birthday

  • anniversaries

  • births

  • Children's room & front door  signs

  • Etc.

everything possible. Also in larger quantities.

The details are  not the details.  They make the design.
Charles  James

Thank you for your message!

Anker 1
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