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Another night my head won't let me sleep. I turn from side to side what feels like 1000 times, stare into the darkness and try to find the calm that lets me sink into the dark sea.


In vain!


Something draws me to my work table.  I turn on the lamp that has burned so often the last few nights and stare at white paper waiting for me to fill it with life.


I was looking for my favorite pencil when I knocked over the inkwell that Susuru Yakazo sent me from Tokyo.




I'm desperately looking for something to clean up the mess when I notice that the ink on my white piece of paper is...moving!


From the center, where most of the ink has collected, it begins to flow in all four directions, thinning out and reaching the edges of the page where it... stops, yes, it stops. As if there were an invisible border.


As I look at the ink, it's as if the ink is looking at me too. Yes it is. Small eyes look at me, some funny and happy, some frightened and some even a little angry that I woke them up.


So it was that night that the "Friendly Monstersin Ink" were born.


That night I finally found the peace I longed for in the stillness of the dark sea.

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