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Although the pot hasn't boiled for a long time and there is now a shift in the last colliery, the Ruhr area stands for a very special attitude towards life.  We at MAYBE GOOD were also at home here for a long time. And this attitude to life has also captured us, touched our hearts and shaped it.

There, where the buddy not only stands for the miner, but for real friendship and the miner's greeting GLÜCKAUF is much more than a simple phrase, that's the Ruhrpott. People live here who wear their hearts on their sleeves, honestly, authentically and straight-forward. Lovable, helpful and not too bad for anything. People with a hard shell and a soft core, BORN ON CARBON.

We like to think back to the time in the Ruhr area and still feel very connected to the country and its people.

Therefore we dedicate  the  GOOD LUCK FOR  Collection the Ruhr area and its people. This collection comes in black only as a nod to charcoal and we use felt to symbolize the soft hearts of these people.

The GLÜCK AUF lettering was drafted and designed in the Ruhr area. It is now in production  in the Allgaeu.  Lovingly packaged and shipped worldwide. 100% Made in Germany. They prefer exposed places, but also love to be displayed on walls with 1-2 nails.

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